Online Masterclass – Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a technique from lean to visualise what you are doing versus what you think is a better way or what you really should be doing. We will use your ways of work or process challenges as the VSM examples such that you can take-away and perform a VSM exercise.

SM Forum – Service Management and the Cloud

In this new online Service Management Forum, industry leaders from Forrester, Microsoft, ServiceNow and the Cloud Credential Council will discuss the obstacles we face in truly embracing the benefits of a more automated and agile future, and then open the floor for attendees to share their own experiences.

Strategy and Planning: reflections of a Community of Practice Chair

2021 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for itSMF UK. Writing this at the time of the pandemic and lockdowns might sound odd so stick with me on this. Aside from the packed calendar of webinars, masterclasses, members meetups and forums – more of which here – we’ve just introduced the Communities …

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Digital and IT Strategy: the next step for ITIL 4 leaders

ITIL 4: Digital and IT Strategy, or DITS for short, is the last book to be released in a series of five books, each with a different set of global authors. There is an associated 3-day DITS course, which includes in-class practical assessments and an exam. This blog provides an overview of frequently asked questions on the DITS book, including why it’s an essential read for digital leaders, and a summary of some of my favourite topics.

Value Stream Mapping

  What exactly is value stream mapping, and what does it have to offer for today’s enterprise? Dan Breston explains. “Value stream analysis is much harder when you have thousands of developers working on hundreds of different products.” Mik Kersten – CEO, Tasktop Toyota, working with quality expert W Edwards Deming, created a legendary technique …

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Welcome to the Communities of Practice

As mentioned in our Member Events blog in August, itSMF UK have been reviewing our Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs) to decide whether they are still structured and formatted in the best way to suit our members’ needs, especially in a world reshaped by COVID-19. The conclusion of this review was that a refresh was needed …

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Masterclass – Lean IT

Many organisations have adopted Lean IT in order to increase customer satisfaction and to achieve greater strategic and financial value. This event will review key Lean IT concepts, as defined by the Lean IT Association, and give you an understanding of key Lean IT principles and techniques.

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