Service Talk Summer 2018

  • DevOps 3 ways of transitions
  • SIAM - How does it all work?
  • Industry News: ITIL & VeriSM
  • Take a bite out of Business Analysis

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ServiceTalk Autumn 2017
  • SIAM - Mind the Gap
  • Big Data & Service Management
  • Industry News: ITIL & VeriSM
  • The Service Design Package in an Agile World
ServiceTalk Spring 2017
  • Celebrating Professionalism in Service Management
  • Two-Speed Transition – Early Life Support
  • GDPR – How Ready Are You?
  • Governance in a Multi-Supplier Environment
ServiceTalk Autumn 2016
  • New Skills for Tomorrow’s Service Managers
  • Problem Management and the ITIL Practitioner
  • Two-Speed Service Catalogue
  • Next Steps for Service Integration
ServiceTalk Summer 2016
  • Customer Experience at the Met Office
  • Organisational Change and IT Service
  • A Service Design Roadmap
  • Asset Management in Life-Critical Applications
ServiceTalk Spring 2016
  • The Enduring Myth of CMDB
  • Supporting the Internet of Things
  • Focus on the ITIL Practitioner
  • Bringing ITSM to a New Generation.
ServiceTalk Autumn 2015
  • Developing New Skills for the Future
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Capacity Planning for the Future
  • Getting to Grips with SIAM
ServiceTalk Summer 2015
  • The Future of ITSM
  • The Growing Pains of Service Management
  • Problem Management: A Question of Image?
  • Untangling the Threads of Service Leadership
ServiceTalk Spring 2015
  • Autonomy With Compliance at Morgan Stanley
  • Tooling Up for SIAM
  • ITSM: What's In It for the Business?
  • Early Life Support at BP
ServiceTalk Autumn 2014
  • ITSM14: Countdown to Conference
  • Change, Config and Release - How the Tools Compare
  • Gamification in the Workplace - What Is It Good For?
  • Wanted: ITSM Professional Practice
ServiceTalk Spring 2014
  • 5 Tips for Effective Knowledge Management
  • DevOps and the Innovation Mandate
  • SFIA Takes Off Around the World
  • What Does "Good" Service Management Look Like?
ServiceTalk Winter 2014
  • Next Steps for Global Best Practice
  • The Seven Building Blocks of ITSM Success
  • Making Operations More Agile
  • Supplier Management
ServiceTalk Autumn 2013
  • Power of Reporting
  • Applying ITSM Disciplines to the Cloud
  • Getting to Know OBASHI
  • Rhetoric and Reality of Knowledge Sharing
ServiceTalk Summer 2013
  • AXELOS - Taking Global Best Practice to the Next Level
  • Cloud and In-House IT
  • ISO/IEC 20000 in Your Pocket
  • Business Simulations
ServiceTalk Spring 2013
  • Energy Management and IT
  • Five Steps to an Effective Service Catalogue
  • Improving Change Management
  • Event Management - The Forgotten Process
ServiceTalk Winter 2013
  • ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000, Together or Apart?
  • Reflecting on Glory at the Awards
  • Problem Management and the Thinking Organization
  • Should an SLA Define What the Customer Wants?
ServiceTalk Autumn 2012
  • DevOps, Challenging ITIL's Supremacy?
  • Six Steps to Effective Knowledge Management
  • Problem Management and the Thinking Organization
  • Shadow IT