With the current uncertainty regarding Coronavirus, we are reviewing all upcoming events and working with our partners to move as many as possible online. One of our most popular physical masterclasses in the last 18 months has been the ITIL 4 in Action Simulation (MarsLander), run by our delivery partner GamingWorks.

Over the last few months GamingWorks have been working hard to develop a virtual simulation based on MarsLander, and we’re delighted to announce that a pilot version of this class will shortly be available to itSMF UK members.

As with the physical event, MarsLander Online provides participants with an opportunity to translate ITIL 4 theory into practice. But the virtual class offers exciting new challenges: we will be exploring how to take full advantage of the remote setting to share new guidance, and capture agreed actions to take away and apply in your organisation.

Three events will be available, each one designed to address critical success factors for adopting ITIL 4 in an environment of business disruption and digital transformation:

Event 1: Focus on Value
This event is designed to explore what ‘Focus on Value’ really means. What is Value? Value for who? At the same time participants will explore the guiding principle ‘collaborate & promote visibility’. How can we create better ‘situational awareness’ and support and enable effective ‘decision making’? Especially in these days when we are confronted with an increasing backlog of ‘Opportunities and demands’ and with scarce resources. How can we effectively prioritise to ‘Focus on Value’?

Event 2: Value Streams
There is an increasing call for ‘end-to-end’ delivery of Value. Breaking down ‘SILOs’ and ‘Co-creating’ Value. This means aligning end-to-end value streams. Ensuring that work flows smoothly and quickly. ITIL 4 talks about Value chains and Value streams. These are concepts that people struggle to understand. In this event, working with stakeholders representing the end-to-end delivery chain participants will design and apply value streams, at the same time applying the guiding principle of ‘progress iteratively with feedback’ to improve and optimise the value streams. In this exercise the team will need to demonstrate they can effectively communicate and collaborate under time pressure, delivering work whilst at the same time carrying out iterative improvements to increase the ability to deliver value.

Event 3: Continual Improvement
Many organisations are faced with an increase in opportunities and demands, not only an increase in the amount, but also an increase of the importance of these demands. IT is becoming a critical enabler and differentiator. At the same time many organisations complain they don’t get the ‘hoped for value’ coming out of the end-to-end delivery chain. This demands improvement to existing delivery capabilities AND improvements to enable us to take on-board more demands in this age of ‘high velocity IT’. However Continual Improvement is a low mature capability in many organisations and Continual Improvement initiatives often take back seat to the demands for ‘Innovation’, ‘new features’, new ‘Product releases’. How can we make effective business cases for continual improvement? How does this fit in with a need for effective IT governance? How can you foster a culture of continual improvement? These are topics and questions explored in this exercise.

Each 3 hour event will be FREE for Members to attend and delivered using Google Hangouts and MURAL digital workspace platforms. They will have 5 participants who will play one or more roles in the MarsLander mission control center. Faced with increasing business and customer demands they will need to innovate but at the same time deliver on their service level agreements. At the start of the exercise the Mission Director will welcome the team, explain the mission and challenge the team ‘show me how you can translate ITIL4 theory into value’!

Theory to Practice, Knowledge to Value

Registration Links

Please use the links below to login to your member profile and register your interest in each event before the close of business 29 May 2020 – as soon as we have enough members signed up to run the simulation, we will schedule delivery dates (during June) and confirm your place.

Focus on Value
Value Streams
Continual Improvement 

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