Bracknell, UK, May 2017

itSMF UK has formally endorsed the new EXIN BCS SIAM® Foundation Certification. The qualification scheme, announced at the ITSM16 Conference last November and jointly managed by examination institutes EXIN, BCS and service management start-up Scopism, provides a new opportunity for professional development in a burgeoning area of service management.

SIAM is a methodology for managing multiple service providers and integrating them seamlessly to provide high quality, innovative services. This is an increasingly popular approach to service delivery but one that demands a new skill-set from commissioning organisations, service integrators, retained IT staff and service suppliers.

The new Foundation Certification allows candidates to attend an accredited training course or prepare for certification via self-study, followed by a 60-minute exam. It’s supported by an extensive Body of Knowledge, the work of the recently formed SIAM Foundation Architect Group, which can be downloaded for free from or purchased as a hard-copy publication from Van Haren Publishing.
It will be followed by a higher-level certification, SIAM Professional, available later in 2017.

The programme is relevant for people working for commissioning organisations, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and retained IT organisations alike. It is a useful option to consider to build a level of understanding before embarking on a SIAM or similar multi-sourcing project.

According to the itSMF UK assessors, the SIAM Foundation “is a refreshingly practical approach for a service management training and certification programme. The body of knowledge content is well structured, well written and contains a host of practical guidance, clearly based on real-life experiences.

SIAM is an emerging area and the content is clearly original – not in terms of radically new ideas, but in the way it provides a pragmatic perspective on multi-sourcing that is not available in such detail elsewhere. The approach for developing the material reflects the output – based on a collaborative project using a cross section of 18 experienced SIAM practitioners.”

Suzanne Galletly, Head of Portfolio & Program Management at EXIN, said “We are delighted to receive this endorsement for the SIAM® Certification programme, which we believe will play a very significant role in the development of service management professionals in the months ahead, as multiple supplier models become increasingly the norm. The formal endorsement of itSMF UK as a professional body is confirmation that the programme hits the right mark in terms of quality and market relevance, and helps to further establish the programme as the de facto standard in SIAM® training and certification.”

Dave Kelsey, Global Product Partner Manager at BCS, said “We are pleased itSMF UK has officially endorsed the SIAM® certificate. We believe, with this backing, we can promote the benefits to individuals and organisations of the value that training and certification in this area can have. As more and more organisations continue their SIAM transformation projects the skills required of those involved need to evolve and this programme meets those needs in a practical way, using the knowledge and experience of a very focused architect development team. We look forward to seeing the value this will bring to organisations and individuals in the coming months.”

Claire Agutter, director at Scopism, said “The project to create the SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge brought together SIAM practitioners from around the world.  The combined experience of companies including Atos, Kinetic IT TCS, Sopra Steria, Syniad IT, ITSM Value and ISG has helped us to deliver something that will be of value to anyone involved in a SIAM transformation.  We’re delighted to receive the itSMF UK endorsement for the scheme.”

The full endorsement report can be viewed here.

For further information about the endorsement, please contact:
Mark Lillycrop, itSMF UK, 0118 918 6500 or [email protected]

For details of the SIAM Certification Programme and a list of authorized training providers, please visit and

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