itSMF UK offers an endorsement scheme for service management products and services, the aim of which is to encourage best practice across the service management industry. Services bearing the itSMF UK stamp are judged by assessors to provide an appropriate level of quality and relevance in the development and delivery of services and tools.

The scheme supports our strategic goal to promote professionalism in service management across a broad range of disciplines, underpinned and defined within the Professional Service Management Framework (PSMF).

The itSMF UK endorsement scheme is designed to recognise and promote a wide range of service management-related strengths, including:

Leadership in Service Management
An Appropriate Level of Quality in Service Management Practices
Good Service Management Practice
Relevance in the Development of Service Management Practice

The itSMF UK Endorsement Scheme Provides

Independent Assessment

The formal recognition offered by the itSMF UK demonstrates that products reach an objectively defined and independently evaluated quality standard

Endorsement Logo

The distinctive 'Reviewed and Endorsed by itSMF UK' logo will be available only to those organisations whose products have met the requirements of the itSMF UK Endorsement scheme

Route to Market

By listing endorsed services on the itSMF UK website and making details available to members, it offers an excellent route to market for vendor organisations

Industry Recognition

As the leading user organisation for service management professionals, itSMF UK's endorsements are widely recognised and respected


This is not an intensive audit or accreditation, it is a simple but effective process for checking key quality and delivery criteria

What does the endorsement process involve?

Any product that is put forward for the endorsement scheme will go through a thorough evaluation, covering: content quality, delivery criteria, and whether the product meets its overall objectives. Following a short consultative review, itSMF UK will produce a detailed (and summarised) report describing the results of its independent assessment. This can be used by the company as part of its sales process, and more widely to highlight its contribution towards industry best practice.

In the event that itSMF UK feels it is unable to award the endorsement, its reasons would be discussed in full with the company, who would be given the opportunity to make appropriate changes before re-submitting.

Check out the recent endorsement announcement and report for the EXIN BCS SIAM Foundation certification.

For more information about endorsement services, please contact us.