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  • Where are you with your Service Management?
  • Do you need to improve the quality of service delivered by your organisation?
  • Do you need some help, a quick injection of guidance, or a view on how well you compare?
  • Do you need to create a new way of working, or simply improve your current operation?
  • Are you wrestling with the various models and frameworks out there? No longer just ITIL and COBIT, but now DevOps, Agile, SIAM, IT4IT, VeriSM and many more?
  • Do you want to find the best options for tools and other services?
  • Do you just want to deliver great services with value for money?

EssentialSM offers you quick and effective answers to these questions.

If you need help and support to do the basics, we provide practical and proven guidance from our experienced professionals. We also deliver creative input to solve problems and produce new solutions as they are needed.

EssentialSM – 6 fast ‘booster’ packages

Take a look at these simple and fast EssentialSM services: These short assignments all include:

  • A discovery day – to meet key stakeholders and identify issues
  • A workshop – to deliver guidance and to build consensus and momentum
  • Follow up project delivery activities – to fast track your progress
  • Ongoing steering and support – to guide your execution and success
  • Each service varies in scope as needed but usually involves 3 – 8 days’ work.


What is EssentialSM?

EssentialSM is a new professional services and creative company,
wholly owned by itSMF UK.

We combine creativity with pragmatic experience to offer a fresh yet familiar approach to solving IT and Service Management problems. We are not wedded with any specific methodology or toolset, yet we offer many years of experience and practical knowledge of the broad market. Our approach recognises the value of people in ITSM, and the wide range of competencies required for professional success, and aligns with the Professional Service Management Framework (PSMF).

We recognise that most IT/ITSM professionals often just need practical help and guidance to develop their service – proven advice, knowledge and ways of working.

That’s what we deliver – short assessments, feasibility, project kick starts, mentoring, practical templates, market guidance, workshops and experienced steering.

All delivered quickly, so that you can get on with doing your job and delivering great service.

Our goal when working with our clients is to help them achieve success themselves, by helping them to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Our consultancy approach helps organisations to change, by demonstrating, steering and supporting people and organisations.

We also collaborate and work in partnership as much as possible with individuals and organisations across the industry to create new and ever improving definitions of quality.


How can we help you? What questions do you need answering?



Essential SM Offering

Scope (estimate)

‘We need some help’:

  • How does my organisation perform?
  • How can we improve our quality of service?
  • How do we improve our governance and control?
  • How can we improve our reporting and metrics?
  • How can we improve quality without increasing cost?
  • Where are we in terms of industry maturity?
  • Should we look at the market for a new toolset?
  • Do we have the right structure to meet our goals?
  • How might we incorporate new industry models like DevOps, SIAM etc?

Strategic support

Short strategic reviews, baseline assessments, workshops and feasibility work.
These are delivered by highly experienced itSMF UK consultants who will quickly understand the issue and provide options, solutions and decision support.
Then leave…


2 - 10 days’ work
5 days)

‘We need to get going’:

  • How do we set up a Service Catalogue and SLAs?
  • How can we make e.g. Incident/Problem/Change/Config Management work?
  • How do we set up and embed CSI?
  • What other processes should we use?
  • How do we set up the project or sprints to get moving?
  • How can we spin up some effective processes and ways of working?
  • How can we find the best tools and vendors to help us?

Delivery support

Practical delivery, planning, facilitation when needed, project and operational guidance, mentoring, and templates, e.g.
market reviews, project plans, skills matrix, process and procedure development, SLA negotiation. PSMF professional development.
Work delivered by highly experienced itSMF professionals – enabling success and sharing skills wherever possible.


10 – 20 days’ work

20+ days if more external delivery is required

‘We need some new stuff’:

  • We need new guidance and documentation
    - Processes and ways of working
    - Communications materials
    - Content marketing
    - Events and promotion
    - New standards, best practice content
  • We have some very specific new needs
  • We require new partnerships or joint ventures

Creative support

Our core business experience and network covers a wide array of industry expertise and knowledge.
We offer collaboration on new ideas, projects and ventures.


As required

Contact us: EssentialSM, Premier Gate, Easthampstead Road, Bracknell, RG12 1JS • 0118 918 6500 •


Registration Number: 10998073 England & Wales

Registered address as above.


Premier Gate
21 Easthampstead Road
Berks RG12 1JS

Tel: 0118 918 6500

Fax: 0118 969 9749

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