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Do You Need Problem Management?


Do You Need Problem Management?


Michael Hall and the Problem Management Special Interest Group




Problem Management


To understand why Problem Management will benefit your organisation, this paper first summarises what problem management is and what it aims to achieve.  It explains how it differs from Incident Management, then goes on to discuss key factors to consider when proposing Problem Management.  A detailed discussion of how to develop a business case for Problem Management then follows, including such topics as the benefits case, return on investment, estimating the business costs of service interruption, a summary of implementation costs to consider and measuring the actual benefits obtained.  The paper concludes with what to include in a high level implementation project plan.
Michael Hall has over 20 years experience in IT, developing and leading teams, managing change programs and implementing Service Management.  A specialist in Service Operations, he founded Problem Management as a global function at Deutsche Bank and is a Chartered IT Professional in Service Management.  He recently earned a Masters degree in Business and Technology from the Australian Graduate School of Management and is currently working on priSM® certification.
About the Problem Management Special Interest Group:
The Problem Management Special Interest Group is an open group for anyone interested in Problem Management.
Our aim is to provide thought leadership and to share operational experiences between members.  We want to exchange information to help people at all stages of the problem management journey:
• those just thinking about introducing the function,
• or perhaps are in the early stages of implementation and are looking for help with how best to proceed,
• as well as experts who have a successful function in place and are looking for ideas to take it to the next level.
The Problem Management Special Interest Group members are practitioners from a wide range of industries and organisations, with many different views and experiences to share in real-world Problem Management.  Of course, the more members, the bigger the critical mass of expertise for sharing and helping to drive the development of our specialty.  If you want to get involved, just click on the "Subscribe to this forum" link, next to the PM SIG name, under Discussion Forums on the ITSMF UK website..



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