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Service Management in an Outsourcing Environment


Service Management in an Outsourcing Environment


John Carey Bennett





Managing one's own destiny with regard to service management and ITIL is not possible in multi-vendor situations and particularly in the outsourcing world. Each party has agendas, responsibilities and dependencies, which may cut across the defined good practice of ITIL disciplines. It is in every party's interest that ITIL good practices are maintained. To achieve this goal, a practical and shared service management framework is needed for each party to work within.
In the last 12 months, the author has refined such a framework as an engagement model to support his work in two different situations. Firstly, acting as the Customer Representative for a Data Centre Services company and second, six months later, acting as the interim IT Services Manager for a 1,000 strong newly-established organisation, which had outsourced its infrastructure and applications. Previous experience in his career taught the author different lessons, which he also applied retrospectively to the model.
The tested model can help manage both the service provider's and the customer's expectations during the transition stages. It can be used to establish a work programme that balances the workloads of all parties involved. It supports key success criteria for outsourcing: it can help reduce costs for both the service provider and the customer principally by making sure that all work effort is applied efficiently and effectively.
It is proposed that the framework is used to collect source data from other outsourcing projects so that the model can support more complex outsourcing models.



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