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Enterprise Release Management


Enterprise Release Management


Robert Spencer


Independent Consultant and Service Transition SIG


Service Transition SIG


This whitepaper introduces the concept of Enterprise Release Management for CIOs, IT Operations Leads and senior Transition Managers. It provides an easily accessible approach and structure for those who regularly experience the effects of frequent, concurrent releases across several streams (whether project delivery, infrastructure, patching, defect fix etc.)

The problems addressed in this whitepaper are:

· Understanding complex, multi-originator IT change landscapes and their respective governance processes

· Visibility of all Production releases in one place (since programme plans will be scope limited and operational change schedules are often neither covering non-prod, nor engaged early enough)

· Managing contention of IT resources for overlapping releases through build and test

· Managing release collisions either through avoidance (long range visibility) or dealing with complex cutover windows

Solutions to these problems are often not trivial, but this paper includes some example plan formats to help your organisation achieve quick wins as well as discussing the concepts which underpin them. Some references to ITIL ® are made, however knowledge of ITIL is not a prerequisite.




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