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PSMF: who would you recognise?
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We all know someone who deserves special recognition, an individual who has met or exceeded a particular goal, developed a new competency, or succeeded in some other respect relevant to their work role or broader life skills.

Later this year, we’ll be launching the PSMF Scorecard, a place for all ITSMF members to record the recognitions and credits that they receive from their managers or from colleagues within the industry. For more information, check out our new PSMF—how it works guide.

In the meantime, we’re inviting all members to start making recognitions. All you have to do is complete the form below, telling us briefly why your nominee deserves recognition and in which PSMF competency area(s) they excel.

We will record the recognition and add it into your colleague’s PSMF Scorecard once it's ready to launch. We will also award you, the nominator, with your first recognition. Two for the price of one!

So don’t delay— help us to start building real recognition within the service management industry.

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