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The ITSMF UK Big4 Agenda

What is the Big4 Agenda?

The Big4 Agenda defines the set of key professional issues members have indicated they are facing, and the programme of information and activities being delivered by ITSMF UK to help deal with those issues. 

Below we expand on this year's Big4 and outline how the Agenda will be supported in our content and events.

The Big4 topics

The Big4 Agenda topics for 2015 are:

• Change & collaboration: how do we manage change seamlessly within the organisation and collaborate effectively with others – business partners, colleagues and suppliers – to ensure optimal and consistent service management?

Cloud & service/framework integration: the transition from ‘internal IT’ to a broad range of multi-vendor options has dramatically changed the way that IT services are provided in many organisations and placed a far greater emphasis on service integration and management. What do service managers need to do differently in a cloud environment, and what does ‘integration’ really mean?

People & skills: what skills frameworks do we need to put in place to make sure that service management can respond rapidly to new opportunities and threats? What changes are needed to the way that staff are deployed, motivated and managed?

Service culture & customer experience: how do we make sure that the end-to-end customer experience is both manageable and consistent, and that ‘good service’ becomes part of the way we do business?


Articulating the vision

In the months ahead ITSMF UK will be supporting the Agenda through coverage in our online newsletter Insight, our magazine ServiceTalk, and the events we run throughout the year. The presentation programme at our Annual Conference, ITSM15, also reflects these themes.

View a high-level map of the main Big4-related milestones throughout the year.


Timetable of deadlines:


Main theme

Content deadline

Seminar – SIAM (1st July)

Programme finalised

8th May

Insight (June issue)

Collaboration, change and communication

10th May

ServiceTalk (summer)

Focus on SIGs and Agenda for Change

20th May

Seminar – Problem Management (22 Sept)

Programme to be arranged with Prob Mgmt SIG

15th June

Insight (late July)

People and Skills / feedbackfrom leadership council

7th July

Insight (mid Sept)

Customer experience

1st Sept

ServiceTalk (autumn)

21st Sept

Insight (early Nov)

Conference preview

15th Oct


23/24 Nov

Insight (late Dec)


4th Dec

Seminar - Transition

Programme finalised

5th Jan

ServiceTalk (spring 16)


15th Jan

Insight (mid Feb)


1st Feb


For further information about the publications and events listed above, please contact Mark Lillycrop.


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