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Can you quanitfy the value of your organisation's investment in ITSM?
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16/05/2014 at 21:35:42 GMT
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Can you quanitfy the value of your organisation's investment in ITSM?
There are frequent, and valid, debates within the ITSM community around the 'value' that IT delivers to the business  I'm conscious as I write this that just that sentence could prompt a long discussion - does IT actually deliver value to the business or enable the business to generate value?

However, I thought I'd go a little off piste and pose a slightly different question ...

How does your organisation measure the value it receives (or generates!) from its investment in IT Service Management?

One challenging aspect of the assessment of value must be how an organisation can actually gain a full understanding of the investment cost.

So, second, associated, question:
How does your organisation calculate the cost of its investment in IT Service Management?

It's an interesting thought ... what are the boundaries of ITSM 'cost'?  The obvious cost items are things like:
  • £ investment in ITSM implementation/improvement projects
  • £ investment in ITSM tools and associated ITSM infrastructure
  • £ investment in ITSM consultancy to assist in the development and implementation of ITSM processes
  • £ investment in ITSM certification
  • £ investment in ITSM staff 
  • £ investment in ITSM training

This got me thinking ... what would you classify as "ITSM Staff" - would it just be those individuals in your organisation that are called IT Service Managers, Problem Managers, Change Managers etc., or would it include the entire Service Desk team, the entire 1st/2nd/3rd line support teams, the IT Operations teams etc. (clearly the list could be vast)? 

The easy answer to this would be that 'there's no easy answer' .. but we have to make some sort of pragmatic decision on what we would classify as ITSM investment cost v the general costs of IT Operations/Support etc.

I'd really appreciate your views!

19/05/2014 at 06:57:31 GMT
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To answer question 1: How business objectives are supported, i.e. the contribution that the investment will make in achieving the outcomes defined in the business objectives. This is the same approach that ISO/IEC 20000 demands when asking for Service Management Objectives to be linked to Business Objectives.

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