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Drivers of change in ITSM
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16/05/2014 at 15:50:31 GMT
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Drivers of change in ITSM
What do you think are the main drivers of change in ITSM practice over the next 2 years?  How should ITSM managers/leaders respond?

Mark Lillycrop
Marketing and Publishing Manager

28/05/2014 at 08:19:22 GMT
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I think there will be internal and external factors driving change. New internal entrants like Axelos will change how parts of ITSM are managed and administered. Externally, greater integration between business and IT processes will also shape ITSM.

18/11/2014 at 08:50:26 GMT
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I think in the past ITSM was based on one or two main suppliers with the main one being an internal business unit. Things have moved on somewhat over the years, but the future will be much more multi scourced and turning over suppliers regularly. We will need to be able to keep up with this pace of change whilst maintaining the focus on the business needs.

04/12/2014 at 23:43:28 GMT
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As agile development and continuous integration become more the norm than the exception there will be greater focus on the need for ITSM processes to become more agile and more automated, leading to greater levels of automation in CCRM but also in incident and problem management using enhanced knowledge for the automated release processes and the development process and associated wikis. Service desk will do more proactive determination of customer response and reaction, and become more of a knowledge and wisdom center, interrogating vast, complex and diverse data sets to determine real-time customer experience and trigger automated response to that.

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