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The Hidden Customer - The IT / IS Connection


The Hidden Customer - The IT / IS Connection


Michael Meltzer






Effective CRM benefits both customer and the company offering it. Many organisations equate the term with externally facing technologies that takes no note of the internal value chain that in many industries really creates that final customer experience and the real value proposition. This take on a technological approach to CRM forgets the real drivers of value and competitive differentiation the people inside the organisation. If a company is to become truly customer-centric, wouldn't you expect that philosophy to apply to their internal services as well? Whilst the majority of IT organisations focus their energies on the quality issues by applying ITIL, CMM, Six Sigma and or ISO 9000 frameworks they miss out the people part of the quality process that an Internal Customer Relationship Management (I-CR) approach offers. This white paper addresses the need for internal shared services (in this instance the IT/IS teams) to become more "customer-focused" in their approach to serving their constituency. Through this improved support, the customer-facing entities will be better able to support the external customers, as well. Specific actions and approaches are addressed that can make this a reality. By the way do you the internal customer actually prefer to be called a 'USER' or a 'CUSTOMER'?



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