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itSMBig4 Twitterchats

What is a Twitterchat?

A Twitterchat is a public Twitter conversation around one subject. The subject is identified by a unique hashtag which will allow you to follow the discussion and participate in it.


When are they held?

Normally on the middle Wednesday of the month at 20:00 GMT. Click here for the latest Twitterchat event.

What are the ITSMF UK Big 4 Twitterchats all about?

These Twitterchats are firstly to help identify the top four issues that you are facing in IT in the following year and then, during the year, to provide discussion/help/expert opinion on each of the chosen Big4 Agenda topics.

There will be a guest ‘presenter’ at each of the Twitterchats and they will normally be monthly, on a Wednesday at 8pm for one hour.

The Tweets will be captured and published via Storify so that they are available to anyone that missed the Twitterchat.

Why should I take part or follow the ITSMF UK Big 4 Twitterchats?


These Twitterchats are about the key issues that will affect you in your role as a IT Service Management professional. Join us to find out the latest thinking and expert opinion. Twitter is a good way of networking with like minded professionals.

How do I participate?

If you are a regular Tweeter, then use the hashtag #itsmbig4 to join in and follow the discussion. You may find it easier to use a 3rd part client such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite and use the #itsmbig4 tag to filter the discussion into one column for easier reading. Alternatively you can use Tweetchat which not only provides a filter but will automatically insert #itsmbig4 at the end of your tweet.


I have never used Twitter, how can I get started?

The official Twitter guide will help you to get started.

You can follow the discussion just by searching on the #itsmbig4. You will then be able to see all tweets that have been made on the ITSMF UK Big4 agenda.  

If you want to Tweet, then remember to include the #itsmbig4 in your tweet so that other participants will be able to see your response.

I’m a bit nervous about Tweeting

Just following the discussion is fine, you do not need to Tweet if you are uncomfortable about doing it.

If you wish to engage but are uncomfortable with chatting with people you don't know, watch for the moderator's questions and the featured guest's answers, and tweet your responses/comments to these. Others may re-tweet or reply to you - there is no obligation to respond.


ITSMF Big4 Twitterchat Guidelines

Introduce Yourself and be Yourself

It helps to introduce yourself when you join a chat with a "Hi my name is ...." Tweet. It's an easy way to make friends, ease into the chat and gain followers. Just be yourself and be honest and don't try to be someone you're not.

Tweet or Re-Tweet

Re-tweet someone else's tweet if you agree with and/or appreciate the sentiment of their tweet. If you have something to share or a point of view to offer please share it. Others may not agree with you but that's OK - all opinions are respected.


Everyone has a right to an opinion. You may disagree with others' opinions. Please do so in a professional manner. Derogatory remarks about someone in the chat will lose the respect of the community and spoils the open/sharing spirit of the chat.

Don't plug your business

The official chat hour is about community engagement and discussion. It is not a platform to promote your business. If you feel your post is useful to the community post links before or after the official chat hour or when the moderator/guest speaker invites you to.

Stay on topic

These twitterchats are related to ITSM topics and each chat will cover specific themes. If you have a discussion that's off-topic, please take it out of the chat (no #tag).

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