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Course Endorsement Scheme FAQ
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Course Endorsement Scheme - FAQs

Why should I have my course endorsed?


Individuals and organisations, who wish to access training for their current and future development, will have the confidence that your training has been endorsed by a recognised and independent body, ITSMF UK, as meeting appropriate levels of quality and content. 


How does this scheme differ from having course materials accredited by an Exam Institute?


An Exam Institute (EI) is a UK Cabinet Office Best Management Practice (BMP) accredited examination provider. An EI is concerned only with examinations and associated training courses for subjects within the BMP portfolio. This ITSMF scheme is applicable to any training (learning product or service) that relates to ITSM.

How does this scheme relate to the ITIL Complementary Qualification Scheme?

The ITIL Complementary Qualification Scheme relates specifically to qualifications submitted by licensed Examination Institutes (EI). This ITSMF scheme is focused on training (learning product or service) and is open to all.

How long does it take to obtain accreditation?


A decision will be provided within 10 working days for each course submitted, from the time that the applicant has had confirmation that all the required material has been provided, excluding any elapsed time taken to carry out a training session visit


Can I have a course already accredited by an Exam Institute accredited by the ITSMF?


Yes, there is no restriction placed on which course / training event that can be endorsed.

Could my application fail if I haven't any nominated trainers yet?


Yes. An application must include details of all trainers who will be delivering the training. The trainers do not have to be fulltime employees of the applicant organisations.

What are the implications if I don't have trainers accredited by any other service management training scheme?


The requirement is for evidence of a trainer's specific experience in areas directly related to the training, as well as their training delivery experience. Formal accreditation by another organisation will be recognised, but is not a "must have".


From endorsement, what is the estimated timeframe for registering the course on the ITSMF UK website?


ITSMF UK administration staff will have the ITSMF UK web site updated within 5 working days.

Are there plans to include the scheme and approved courses on the ITSMF International website?


Yes. It is the intention that this scheme will be operated internationally via all ITSMF chapters who wish to take up the scheme. Owners of endorsed training products will be notified as soon as that facility is available.

In what circumstances would an application fee be refundable?


If the Endorsement Scheme ceased operation before an endorsement application had been completed or if the applicant changed their minds and withdrew their application within 5 days of submission.

Is the scheme open to non-ITSMF UK members?


It is not the intention at this stage to open the scheme to non ITSMF members.

Are there any discounts available?


Discounts are available and shown in the scheme documentation.

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